The music comes from deep within, and it is embodied in the voice and the guitar.

The voice is strong and intense, but also delicate when it drifts off in expressive malleabilities.
The inventive spirit and the very original guitar style makes it the voice of Spirit, a second voice, which crafts its own sonic dimension.

The concerts are musical journeys, storytelling, the sharing of visions and dreams, taking us deep and far in emotional crossings.
Powerful and sensitive, her songs reflect creativity and a very personal philosophy that comes across musically.
Each song is a prayer, a page taken from a journal, a reflection, an inner dialogue, a mystic poem or a moment in anyone’s life – a journey through the imagination that is a passage through life.
Using mostly the voice and guitar, Teresa also brings other instruments into her compositions: didgeridoo, sitar and tabla, handpan/ravdrum, string quartet or middle-eastern percussions.

In the live concerts she also plays the charango, ravdrum and shruti-box.
The music comes up as life is happening, a music that breathes and is alive, drinking inspiration from the moment, from life itself and from lessons and experiences.

Her musical path happened as a natural progression – starting with celtic and folk music, she then worked with electronic-ambient and chill out projects, collaborated in sacred and meditative therapeutic sound journeys, finally reaching devotional and medicine music.