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Teresa has had a connection to music since childhood as an intuitive portal to creativity and spontaneity. Music bound her to a sense of home and refuge, to the heart and to the soul, and inspired her to love, transmute pain, process emotions, integrate lessons, and embrace change and transformation.

She plays the guitar as a second voice, the voice of the spirit, but she also uses other instruments and elements in her compositions: piano, strings, didgeridoo, sitar, hang-drum / handpan, charango, shruti-box, rav-drum, or middle-eastern percussions. We are taken far away in deep emotional journeys that open us to transformation, but we are always brought back.

She has built a path of 17 years of study and experience, where she sings, heals and inspires, as if each melody was inspired and expired with all her soul in a prayer.

She sees music as a meditative and shamanic tool of openness and transformation that inspires us and leads us to return to ourselves, to regain our intuition and confidence, to express our spontaneity and creativity so that we can live more authentically.


Singer, guitarist, songwriter, teacher and facilitator, she began her musical journey in 2000, with three original albums "No place like here" (2002), "Heart-Quake" (2004) and "Rites of Passage" (2014), as well as collaborations in albums and compilations of other artists in national and international projects.

She began her guitar lessons at the age of 9, when she began composing hes first songs, and then went on a self-taught path of research and personal exploration that led to an original style of approaching this instrument, which became a second voice, and her emotional sanctuary in her teens, when she also started giving some concerts and making her first recordings at home and in small studios.

She studied singing, piano, and music theory at the Academy of Music of Lisbon, with Margarida Marecos, and Sciences and Sound Technologies at University.

In 2001 she was initiated in reiki with Angelina Athayde and started practicing meditation with Tony Samara, attending several workshops and retreats focused on conscious meditation, nutrition, detox, and dreams.

In London in 2009 she did some workshops in Indian singing and Bulgarian singing at the World Music Summer School of SOAS - School of Oriental and Asian Studies, with Nandini Muthuswamy, and Dessislava Stefanova.

She learnt shamanism in workshops with Gilberto de Lascariz and Maria Margarida Barros, studied ayurvedic massage with Puja Kinzer, and trained in a Yoga course with Marco Peralta, at BRAHMI.

In 2007 she co-founded the Sinergy Project in Portugal, a conscious event of art, music, sacred activism, spirituality, environmental education and social awareness, bringing the format to Portugal and collaborated with the Convergence Project in 2012, mapping sustainable projects in Portugal.

In 2013 she co-organized the March against Monsanto in Lisbon and collaborated with the Initiative Against the Privatization of Waters, and in 2014 in the Campaign against oil drilling in the Algarve.

She created and still produces Dancing towards the Light, a health and wellness event focused on music, meditation, conscious dance and integration / relaxation, and Get Cozy, a night of intimate acoustic music with various artists.

She worked for 5 years as a music teacher in a pedagogical project of creative and alternative teaching with children at the St. Julians school in Carcavelos.

As a performer she opened for Beth Gibbons of Portishead in the Coliseu dos Recreios in 2003, she went to the Vilar de Mouros Festival in 2001, Paradise Garage, Sudoeste Festival in 2002, FATT, Boom Festival in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012, ZNA GATHERING and Salva-a-Terra in 2013 and 2015, Andanças Festival in 2005 and 2006, Aula Magna, Teatro S. Luíz, Teatro do Bairro, CCB, Ronda das Adegas,, Tejo Festival, Freedom Festival, Casa do Fauno, Senhora da Azenha, Monte Mariposa, NOC NOC Guimarães, Caldas Late Night, Caldas da Rainha Cultural Center, Flores do Cabo, etc ...

In England she played in SEone at London Bridge in the Synergy Project from 2005 to 2007, in Small World Solar Stage Festival in 2008 and 2009, the Sunrise Celebration in Glastonbury in 2006, and The Secret Garden Party in 2009.
In Holland she played in Club Lite and the Mezrab in Amsterdam in 2013.
In Hungary she played in Everness Fesztival and S.U.N. Fest in 2014.

Beginning with celtic and folk music, she has collaborated with world music projects, Indian music, chill out / ambient / electronic projects, sacred sound journeys for healing, meditation and therapy and has also collaborated / composed for dance and performance projects:
Terrakota, Freedom Cafe (Hungary), Sérgio Walgood, Ambiens Indages, UASCA and TAJ MAHAL, Balancê, Lupanar and Ana Bacalhau, Sara Tavares (Noite das Sereias in Onda Jazz), Paulo Sousa and ALAP, Baltazar Molina, Jamie Woon (United Kingdom), John Dalton (United Kingdom), Pete Ardron's Orchid Star (United Kingdom), Helena Madeira, Manuel Cintra (poet), Ruben Branco, Carrie Tree (UK), Amálgama Dance Company, Pedro Paz and Imprevisto Colectivo, Iris Lican, Lobsang Dorje, Divine Music Healing, Cosmic Gong.

Currently, she dedicates herself fully to her transformative vision of music, creativity and healing, giving individual lessons, but also organizing workshops and retreats, as well as giving acoustic and meditative concerts, and is preparing new recordings and collaborations.


" One of the most talented singer-songwriters in Portugal. Teresa’s album is surprising. A songwriter gifted with an excellent voice, with which she does as she pleases, and a wisely controlled virtuosity in the way she plays guitar.
The songs are revelations, but live it is even better. A sharing of feelings, emotions and reflections of an inner world which comes through without fear, because it’s not much different from anyone’s experiences. We have felt this before with Jeff Buckley or Tori Amos, but know we can feel it much closer.”

BLITZ- Music Publication

"One of the best out there, I love the message of enlightenment and amazing vocal delivery."

Irina Mikhailova, international renowned artist/vocalist

"Sublime... heart-stopping songs"


"Acoustic folk with flavours from diverse places, an attraction towards ancestry and a tendency to search for meditative moments through music: that is the universe of singer-songwriter Teresa Gabriel."

Público - Newspaper

A record that shows a firm and strong voice, and a very mature and crafted way to strum the guitar.”

Independente - Newspaper

“Her music comes from deep within, but also takes inspiration from what happens outside of herself. Sublime moments.”

DIF - Magazine

"Heart-felt poetry, a powerful voice, and a very original guitar style.”


"Sometimes all it takes to tap into the sublime is a voice and a guitar.”

B-FLAT jazz Club, Porto

"A new music that transports us to far away ambiences.”