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Let us all join in the hundreds of movements in the country.
We are the solution.
We have to value our forests and our water as the greatest treasures on our planet.
We have reached a point where all of this touches us all.
I knew people who died, I know people who almost lost people, I know people who have lost people, I have a family member who was surrounded and almost died, I know people who have lost their home.
My feelings and my love go to those who lost something or even everything: family, homes, animals, pieces of you and your existence.
There is a collective grief that we need to do, digest the pain so that we can overcome this challenging phase.
The ultimate role of this inferno, of this lesson in consequence, is so only we all awake together so that we can be agents of re-forestation, so urgent for so many years.
It may seem unrealistic to have hope when so much tragedy has already taken place to the point of feeling in shock and overwhelmed.
But we have no choice but to act.
We have no choice but to believe.
I want to be part of the solution.
All the initiatives and movements of solidarity and help I see everywhere are making me very hopeful.
I see so much love, so much more love than pain.
The only role of the tragedy is to open our hearts.
Let them break wide open, so they may never close again.

“Nature can still win if we give her a chance.” Jane Goodhall