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The true value of time, freedom and inner peace

Life is growing through us
Its a resonance of a unison
of a life force that flows in trees in plants in our blood
A subtle stream almost inaudible
Only perceived through the deep listening of silence
from which the music of soul springs from

Rebirthing after loss
Challenging life lessons that bring deep healing processes

Feel your soul calling
Feel life calling
To step into the unknown again,
It has been a long cycle towards maturity
but precious lessons took us deeper than ever…

Now music is whispering again
to thank for this complex existence,
dancing between catharsis and comfort, depth and humour,
to merge consciously with veils that have been lifted

May the tragedy of the world catalyze its transformation,
May broken hearts break open to contain more love
with life teaching us humility every day

Back to the simplicity of the heart way of living
With the rhythm of laughter and joy
setting the pace of our feet and of our paths.